Privacy Policy

The Gold Coast Medical Association Inc. (GCMA) is a voluntary member-based organisation representing the broad interests of the medical community on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia.

In addition to promoting communication and networking among its members including general practitioners and medical specialists, the association has a pivotal role in local and national issues, serving as a vital link between the medical profession and the wider community.

GCMA is committed to protecting the privacy of members, other individuals and organisations that communicate with the association.

Any personal information collected including business and private address details, medical specialty, etc. is limited to that necessary to allow members to communicate with each other as medical professionals and to ensure the proper functioning and operation of the association, and in any case is only collected and made available to other members upon the express approval of respective individual members at the time of collection. Any requests for privacy are noted on membership records.

Contact details of individual members can be accessed by that person at any time via the association’s website, and are protected by Username and Password provided by that person. Such Username, Password and contact details can be updated at any time by the respective member.

All membership data base records are maintained and secured by a contracted secretariat office and are not made available to other members. Strict standards are in place to prevent unauthorised access to these records.

The Gold Coast Medical Association will not use or disclose a member’s personal information for the purposes other than for which it is collected or is otherwise required by law.

In the event that a commercial organisation requests information of attendees following their sponsorship of an association event, the information provided is limited to the name of the member, practice address and practice telephone number. Under no circumstances will the GCMA secretariat provide details of personal contact telephone numbers (including mobile telephone numbers) or personal address details.

Any member of the Gold Coast Medical Association may, on request to the secretariat, view his or her membership recorded details that are held on file.

Unencrypted credit card information is NOT stored on an internet server. When a member provides credit card details for the payment of membership fees or other GCMA services, the website encrypts and passes all order information to a back-office system. This system is not connected directly to the internet.

Where persons provide credit card details by filling out a form and faxing or emailing the form to the secretariat office, that form is held under lock and key until such time as it is no longer required by law at which stage it is destroyed by security shredding.

When purchasing from Gold Coast Medical Association Inc. (GCMA) your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology.